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​​Cath LabAngiograms: What to Expect in the Cath​​ Lab

An angiogram is a common procedure performed in the cardiac catheterization lab (cath lab) that looks at blood flow in the heart's arteries to help identify and assess bloc​​kages.

Srini Potluri, MDAortic Valve Replacement Without Surgery

In many cases, valve replacement surgery is the recommended treatment for severe aortic valve stenosis, which is a narrowing of the valve that causes it to not function like it should. Often, this involves a traditional operation using an incision in the chest to reach the heart and replace the valve.

Blocked heart arteryAssessing the Severity of Blocked Heart Arteries

Plaque buildup in the heart's arteries is fairly common, especially as we age. When plaque buildup causes an abrupt blockage of blood flow, known as acute coronary syndrome, a life-threatening heart issue like a heart attack may be present.

Cardiac Catheterization ServicesCardiac Catheterization Services

Cardiac catheterization (cardiac cath) is a common procedure used to diagnose and treat a variety of cardiovascular conditions. Through a small incision in the groin area or the wrist, cardiologists guide a catheter, which is a thin tube, through the blood vessels and use a range of diagnostic tools and treatment methods to address areas of concern.

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