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Advanced technology meets compassionate, five-star care at The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano. Providing innovative, minimally invasive treatment methods to our guests is an important part of The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano patient experience. The surgeons on the medical staff at The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano are performing delicate heart and thoracic (chest) surgeries using robotic technology.​


Through tiny incisions, robotic technology allows surgeons to see inside the body in minute detail. The robotic arms allow the surgeons to perform procedures with enhanced precision. A camera affixed to one of the robotic arms allows the surgeon to view the procedure in 3D from a console at a magnification ten times greater than the human eye. From the console, the surgeon also deploys and maneuvers other robotic arms that feature laser tools and miniature scalpels. Surgery with the robot typically offers several advantages over traditional surgery such as shorter hospital stays, smaller incisions, and quicker recovery time.

Robotic heart surgery

The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano is the first cardiovascular specialty hospital in the north Texas region offering robotic heart and thoracic surgery. Robotically assisted heart and thoracic surgery procedures we offer include:

Robotically assisted thoracic surgery procedures The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano offers include:

  • Biopsy of lung nodules
  • Decortication
  • Lobectomy for lung cancer
  • Mediastinum and mediastinoscopy
  • Thymectomy for myasthenia gravis

For more information on robotic surgery, or to refer a patient for evaluation, call 469.814.3480​​ and request Robotics.

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