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​Call 4​69.814.3480 or complete our online inquiry form​ for more information or to schedule a patient for evaluation.​

The Vascular & Diabetic Foot Center (VDFC) is one of the outpatient service lines offered at Baylor Scott & White The Heart Hospital – Plano​. Led by a team of highly regarded vascular surgeons and podiatric surgeons on the medical staff, the Center focuses on the management of complex vascular disorders and is the only dedicated program in North Texas offering a comprehensive approach to the ​diabetic foot, both from a preventative and a treatment perspective.

The Center is dedicated to the functional preservation of the lower extremity. Its mission is to rapidly heal a patient's wound without affecting the functionality of the limb, as well as prevent a major amputation. The Center uses advanced diagnostic, surgical and wound care modalities to heal difficult-to-heal wounds, however, the scope of the Center goes far beyond chronic wound care. Patient care is focused on limb preservation, which ultimately saves the patient's life. Treatment is tailored to the individual patient and to each patient's specific wound with the goal of healing it as quickly as possible.

Services offered include:

  • Foot and ankle ulcer care
  • Foot and ankle conditions in patients with diabetes mellitus​ and/or vascular disorders​
  • Comprehensive diabetic foot examinations
  • Lower extremity vascular assessment and management
  • On-site vascular imaging and lab services

As an outpatient hospital service line, the Center's primary mission is to provide quality care​ for its vascular and diabetic foot patients, leverage evidence-based medicine and well-defined research, yet be fiscally responsible in providing care.​