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Photo of Revolution CT scanner

Cardiac and vascular imaging specialists on the medical staff of The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano use advanced technologies to diagnose and manage a wide range of cardiac and vascular disorders. Through noninvasive imaging, for example, your physician can see how effectively your heart is pumping or blood is circulating through your arteries and body. Preventive screening and heart tests allow us to track how you're doing and make a diagnosis. With the advent of more precise imaging, quicker scan times, and more controlled radiation doses, today's imaging is faster, more comfortable, and safer.​​

The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano is the first hospital in Texas to install the advanced Revolution™ CT scanner. The wide coverage of Revolution CT allows the ability to scan the entire heart in a single 0.28 sec rotation, reducing breath hold times.

The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano's outpatient center – the Center for Advanced Cardiovascular Care (CACC) – is the facility offering this advanced CT diagnostic service. The CACC is located in Pavilion 2, Suite 300 on the Baylor Plano Health Care Campus. Learn more about the CACC and its imaging services »

With the convergence of whole organ coverage, image quality and speed found in Revolution CT, physicians can diagnose more patients with erratic or high heart beats.

Revolution CT delivers high definition imaging across the entire body, helping physicians make a confident diagnosis across all applications including:

  • Cardiac exams in a single heartbeat, with or without beta-blockers
  • Low dose, whole organ diagnosis and follow-up for oncology patients

How does Revolution CT benefit patients?

Revolution CT helps deliver a better patient experience during the procedure. Patient anxiety may be reduced with 50% quieter scanning, soft ambient lighting, personalized gantry displays, and a relaxing visual pattern inside the bore. The bore is 80 cm wide, comfortably accommodating larger patients.

Revolution CT comes equipped with ASiR-V™, GE's next generation of low dose iterative reconstruction technology that routinely reduces dose up to 82% with the same image quality.*

Because of Revolution CT's fast imaging speed, patients with high heart rates or an irregular heart rhythm may not be required to take special medication to slow their heart.

Which features make Revolution CT innovative?

Revolution CT was designed from the ground up, providing uncompromised image quality and clinical capabilities across all clinical areas through the convergence of whole organ coverage, speed and image quality, all in one CT system. Traditionally, there have been trade-offs in the industry where all three were not achieved in one system.

Among its many features are:

  • Gemstone Clarity detector for 160 mm of anatomical coverage in a single rotation
  • Best in class 0.23 mm spatial resolution and built-in metal artifact reduction
  • Best effective temporal resolution enabled by 0.28-second rotation speed combined with intelligent motion correction for one-beat, motion-free cardiac scanning at any heart rate
  • Whole organ coverage enabling 4D imaging for all anatomies to visualize vascular flow, organ motion or kinetic properties
  • ASiR-V™ low-dose technology which routinely reduces dose up to 82%*
  • Whisper Drive system to reduce audible noise during gantry rotations by more than 50%

*In clinical practice, the use of ASiR-V™ may reduce CT patient dose depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location and clinical practice. A consultation with a radiologist and a physicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task.

Advanced Cardiac Imaging Procedures

Imaging technologies use ultrasound, x-rays, magnetic field, and advanced computer software to create detailed images of the internal structures of your body and/or heart. Some imaging techniques may require a contrast agent. This substance, similar to a dye, makes structures inside your heart and body more clearly visible on a computer screen. Other tests, such as ultrasound, use high-frequency sound waves to visualize the blood flow through your arteries and veins. These procedures are noninvasive, which means your doctor does not have to make any incisions. They are relatively painless, and are often performed in an outpatient facility.

Dedicated to safe and accurate heart and vascular diagnoses for our guests, The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano offers:

Physicians should call 469.814.3480 to schedule patients for cardiac imaging or fax patient orders for diagnostic testing to 214.818.6471.

In some cases, these tests and procedures are provided on an outpatient basis in The Heart Hospital's outpatient facility, the Center for Advanced Cardiovascular Care (CACC). Visit the CACC to learn more about available diagnostic testing »

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