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Dr. Robert SmithPatients with valve disease may benefit from consultation with a variety of experts including cardiothoracic surgeons, interventional cardiologists, imaging cardiologists, and general cardiologists. Meeting with all of these professionals, collectively called a “Heart Team,” at the same time, however, can prove to be a significant challenge. The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano was one of the first institutions to develop a Heart Team to treat patients with aortic valve disease. Based upon this experience, a Mitral Valve Heart Team was recently formed at The Heart Hospital.

The Mitral Valve Heart Team meets with patients during a weekly clinic held at the Center for Advanced Cardiovascular Care. The mitral valve disease focus of The Heart Valve Center of Texas, first opened to patients in May 2015. As of December 2016, nearly 200 patients have been referred to the center for consideration of their mitral valve disease. The majority of these patients suffer from mitral regurgitation, a condition in which blood flows backward in the heart due to a mitral valve that does not close tightly, which prevents efficient blood flow to the rest of the body. Some patients seen have mitral stenosis, an abnormal narrowing of the mitral valve that prevents efficient flow of blood into the main chamber of the heart that pumps blood into the rest of the body.

Patients seen at The Heart Valve Center of Texas are offered a variety of therapeutic options, based on the expert consensus opinion of the Mitral Valve Heart Team. Some patients undergo surgical replacement or repair of their mitral valve. Other patients, typically those for whom open-heart surgery is too risky, are selected for less invasive transcatheter mitral valve therapies, including MitraClip, transcatheter mitral valve replacement, or balloon mitral valvuloplasty. Other patients, for whom interventions would not be appropriate or effective, are referred to other clinics or experts who may be able to provide additional treatment options. No matter what the treatment selected for each of the patients seen at The Heart Valve Center of Texas, the Mitral Valve Heart Team is invested in providing patients quality care for their mitral valve disease.

For referrals to the Mitral Valve Heart Team, complete this online form​ or call 469.814.3480.