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​​​​​​For information on a research trial, contact the Research Office at 469.814.4720 or​

​Electrophysiology & LAA


Principal Investigator: Hafiza H. Khan, MD

Adapt Response Clinical Trial - Test the hypothesis that market-released CRT devices which contain the ADAPTIVE CRT algorithm have a superior outcome compared to standard CRT devices and CRT-indicated patients with normal AV conduction in left bundle branch block.​


Principal Investigator: J. Brian DeVille, MD

Left Atrial Appendage Ligation with the Lariat® Suture Delivery System as adjunctive therapy to pulmonary vein isolation for persistent or longstanding persistent atrial fibrillation.​


Principal Investigator: Srini P. Potluri, MD

A study to assess the safety and efficacy of a new device, the Amulet (Abbott, Inc.) intended to reduce the risk of stroke and hemmorrhagic events in patients who have atrial fibrillation.


Principal Investigator: Steven Kindsvater, MD

The purpose of this study is to establish the safety and effectiveness of the WATCHMAN™ Left Atrial Appendage Closure (LAAC) Device, including the post-implant medication regimen, for subjects with non-valvular atrial fibrillation who are deemed not to be eligible for anti-coagulation therapy to reduce the risk of stroke.

​​​​PPM in TAVR

Principal Investigator: J. Brian DeVille, MD

Assess the incidence of 90 days of ventricular pacing in patients undergoing permanent pacemaker placement after TAVR.


Principal Investigator: J. Brian DeVille, MD

Demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of the THERMOCOOL SMARTTOUCH® SF catheter in the treatment of drug refractory in symptomatic, persistent atrial fibrillation following standard electrophysiology mapping and RF​ ablation procedures.​​​