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Recent News

THE HEART HOSPITAL Baylor Plano Wins the "Tech Adopter" Award

September 1, 2010, Richardson, TX - In a recent awards ceremony hosted by The Metroplex Technology Business Council, winners were announced in categories designed to showcase the most cutting-edge technologies in the North Texas region. Among the winners at the 10th Annual Tech Titans and Fast Tech Awards 2010 was THE HEART HOSPITAL Baylor Plano, a cardiovascular specialty hospital that opened its doors in January 2007 and is already undergoing a major expansion of its $134 million facility. The hospital won the "Tech Adopter" Award for its advanced, innovative use of technology.

"The philosophy I've had since we opened is that technology doesn't save lives, but it does empower those who do," says Ryan Ball, Director of Professional Services for the hospital.

Among various technologies that the hospital utilizes to support its patient-centered care are enterprise digital imaging and radio frequency identification.

Its digital imaging technology stores images from radiology, cardiology and elsewhere and recalls the images using digital means rather than mediums such as DVDs or VHS tapes. This makes it possible to show post-operative patients and their families the "before-and-after" images on flat-screen televisions in the patients' suites.

The hospital's radio frequency identification technology (RFID) is a sophisticated system for tracking medical supplies using "smart cabinets." Each device or supply has a microchip, and as items are removed to treat patients - or as they're returned unused - the patient's bill is automatically calculated. RFID is also useful in the event of a manufacturer's recall. Because each device has a certain lot and serial number, it can be traced back to any given patient and that individual can be contacted.

Each year, The Tech Titans Awards Gala raises funds to support a scholarship program for students at local universities who are pursuing degrees in math, science, engineering and technology.

The Metroplex Technology Business Council (MTBC) is the largest technology trade association in Texas. It is dedicated to the promotion of the high tech industry in the Dallas/Fort Worth region.

Tech Adopter Award

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