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Research Center

The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano is passionate about the power of research. We also understand how important research is to our progress; therefore, we are extensively involved in implementing and recruiting for innovative clinical trials.

One of the common ways patients may access emerging therapies and advanced technology is through clinical research. The Cardiovascular Research Institute at The Heart Hospital, the Baylor Research Institute, and the Baylor Institute for Health Care Research and Improvement, are led by staff and physicians deeply committed to:

  • developing and implementing cardiovascular clinical research
  • contributing to the advancement of the science
  • teaching new concepts and techniques
  • benefiting the community by delivering improved cardiovascular medical care through new, innovative therapies

With more than 30 investigators participating in important national and international clinical trials, our hospital embraces every opportunity to provide our patients with advanced drug and treatment therapies. The ultimate goal of our research efforts is to offer a variety of clinical trials broad enough to afford every patient the opportunity to access today's medical breakthroughs even as they occur.

Clinical Research for Health Professionals

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