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Heart Failure Services

More than five million people in the United States have heart failure, and more than 500,000 are diagnosed with the condition each year. With heart failure, the heart does not pump enough blood to meet the body's needs. Heart failure can have many causes, including heart attack and coronary heart disease, which is narrowing of the arteries that bring blood and oxygen to the heart, the coronary arteries. Heart valve disease, heart rhythm problems, and congenital heart disease (heart problems that start before or at birth) can also lead to heart failure.

At The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano, we employ a multidisciplinary case management approach to heart failure, which includes cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, and imaging specialists. This strategy allows for a thorough evaluation and determination of the beneficial treatment options available to you.

Treatment for heart failure depends on the cause. Although some forms of heart failure can be treated with heart surgery, most forms of the condition are chronic and require lifestyle adjustments and medications to manage it. Your cardiologist may recommend surgery to bypass the blocked coronary arteries, a procedure called coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG) or heart bypass surgery. Heart valve problems may be treated by valve surgery to repair or replace the valve. Often heart failure is a long-term condition that is managed rather than cured. The goals of treatment are to improve quality of life through medication and by helping patients make the lifestyle changes, including stopping smoking, cutting down on salt, losing weight, lowering cholesterol levels, and being as active as possible.

A major part of these services involves educating you about heart failure and ways you can control it. We will share the signs and symptoms of heart failure and explain how to manage them. We will also illustrate how diet and exercise play a significant role in improving your health.

For some, a heart transplant is the only option. The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano utilizes the strength of The Baylor Annette C. and Harold C. Simmons Transplant Institute on the Baylor Dallas campus for transplantation medicine. As one of the largest multi-specialty transplant centers in the country, it offers hope and a second chance at life to patients with end stage heart failure. Click here to learn more.

Many who experience heart failure can benefit from cardiac rehabilitation services. Our cardiac rehabilitation program is a series of activities, including supervised exercise, designed to improve your heart and lung function. It also includes educational activities that help you adopt lifestyle changes that can improve not only your heart function but your overall health as well. Please note that a physician referral is required for cardiac rehabilitation services. If you have received a referral from your physician, please contact our Cardiac Rehabilitation department immediately at (469) 814-3550 to get started.

For a referral to an physician on the medical staff at The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano, call 1.800.4BAYLOR or use the Physician Finder tool on this website.

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