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Quality Corner

Surgical Care Improvement Project

July 2009 through May 2010

Quality Indicator The Heart Hospital NATIONAL State of Texas Rationale
% of inpatients receiving antibiotics within one hour prior to surgery 100% * 92% 91% Prophylactic antibiotic received within one hour of surgical incision measure focuses on the timely administration of antibiotics for surgical patients prior to surgical incision. The evidence-base for surgical care continues to grow and has demonstrated reduced morbidity, mortality and decreased length of stay for patients receiving appropriate surgical care including antibiotic administer one hour prior to surgical incision.
% of surgery inpatients that receive appropriate antibiotic selection for prophylaxis (prevention of infection) 100% * 95% 95% A goal of prophylaxis with antibiotics is to use an agent that is safe, cost-effective, and has a spectrum of action that covers most of the probable intraoperative contaminants for the operation.
% of surgery inpatients discontinued within established timeframe after surgery ended 98.9% * 90% 89% Another goal of prophylactic antibiotics with surgery is to establish bactericidal tissue and serum levels at the time of skin incision and during the surgery. the continued administration of prophylactic antibiotics for more than a few hours after the surgical incision is closed offers no additional benefit to the surgical patient. Further, having no additional benefit, the discontinuation may reduce the risks associated with opportunistic infections such as C-difficile or the development of antimicrobial resistant pathogens.
% of surgery patients who received appropriate venous thromboembolism prophylaxis within 24 hours prior to surgery or 24 hours after surgery 100% * 87% 83% (VTE) prophylaxis ordered anytime from hospital arrival to 48 hours after Surgery End Time. VTEs are the formation, development, or existence of a blood clot or thrombus within the venous system.

* - Indicates higher performance than the National & State Averages

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