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Quality Corner

Heart Failure

July 2009 through May 2010

Quality Indicator THE HEART HOSPITAL NATIONAL State of Texas Rationale
% of heart failure inpatients given discharge instructions at discharge 98.9% * 79% 78% Educating patients with heart failure about their condition and treatment will help to promote patients' compliance with the treatment plan and reduce morbidity and re-hospitalization. Discharge Instructions for Heart Failure measure examines the frequency of providing discharge instructions on six critical post hospitalization care requirements to inpatients with the diagnosis of heart failure
% of heart failure inpatients with left ventricular function assessment 100% * 90% 89% LVF assessment is a critical step in the effective diagnosis and management of patients with heart failure.
% of heart failure inpatients given the medication ACEI/ARB for left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction at discharge 98.9% * 90% 90% ACEIs widen or dilate blood vessels, lowering blood pressure and making it easier for the heart to pump blood.
% of heart failure inpatients given smoking counseling 100% * 93% 93% Studies have shown that smoking increases the risk of blood clots, causes arteries to thicken, and narrows the blood vessels, increasing the risk for a heart attack, heart failure, or stroke. Patients who receive advice or counseling about quitting smoking are more likely to quit than those who do not.

* - Indicates higher performance than the National & State Averages

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